Furry Express

Express rate includes:

Pick Up – Drop Off, Private ride, 1 hour, treat and potty. 

 Senior citizens 65+ enjoy a

50 % discount on all services offered.


fURRY Leisure

Furry Leisure rate includes:

Pick Up- Wait- Drop Off, Private ride, 2 hours, walk, treat, and potty 

 Senior citizens 65+ enjoy a

50 % discount on all services offered.



Extra pet

Drop off only: $ 25.00 

Pickup only:  $ 25.00

 Senior citizens 65+ enjoy a

50 % discount on all services offered.

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Bobby Lopez, PGA 

I highly recommend Apryl Langlois and her services. She did a wonderful job for our company. Fast, efficient and as advertised.

A pleasure to work with and stands behind her work.

Venus B

If you want sunshine... A partner in excellence, a woman that is about the business and helping you succeed in yours... Apryl Langlois is your go-to gal. She has a great program and rates in place to assist you with organizing, prioritizing and focusing on devoting
your time to the things you need to give your time to, while she focuses on handling everything else. Highly recommend her and her services!!!!

Adam S, Promotions Director/Radio Personality

It was a true pleasure to have Apryl on the K95 team! She creatively handled many of our daily status updates, engaging and interacting with our very active audience.

In addition, she created cover photos, profile pictures, photo montages, galleries and whatever we needed.

Apryl’s social media creativity helped us continue our station growth with online support now of over 20,000 Facebook followers.

I would highly recommend Apryl for any social media related opportunity. She is creative on her own, but also takes direction well, helping you to achieve your social media interaction goals!

Eric G

Attentive, genuine, loyal, effective, funny and she follows WWE on LinkedIn! She was close to me and my family when she worked at the Stowe Mountain Lodge and made my family's experience so much more enjoyable. We consider her a part of the family and if we needed someone personally and full-time for us...I'd hire her without reservation! 

M. Walker

TipTop Task services met my expectations within the first hour. Excellent communication, detailed, and prompt responses. I highly recommend using the service for your administrative needs.